LAAWS Live Demo


LAAWS (LOCKSS Architected As Web Services) is an on-going program to restructure the LOCKSS software into a collection of cooperating REST-ful Web services. As a demonstration of the current state of the LAAWS program, here is a live demo of the LAAWS software.

The demo contains issues of three Creative Commons licensed journals collected by the classic LOCKSS daemon and exported as WARC files via the classic LOCKSS daemon's WARC exporter. These WARC files were ingested into the LAAWS repository, which is a native WARC repository implemented as a REST-ful Web service. Their bibliographic metadata was extracted by the LAAWS metadata extraction Web service. The SOLR search engine indexed their text. The only area of this demo in which code from the classic LOCKSS daemon is still used is as a framework allowing the metadata services to access the LOCKSS plugins describing the journal content.

Still to come are the LOCKSS Audit and Repair Protocol and the LOCKSS crawler.

This page allows you to search these issues via DOI, OpenURL and full-text search, each of which is implemented as a REST-ful Web API.

Partial funding for LAAWS was generously provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Search For:
Success: 10.3897/biorisk.9.6105
Success: 10.5339/nmejre.2014.1
Success: 10.5339/nmejre.2014.2
Success: 10.5339/nmejre.2014.3
Success: 10.5339/nmejre.2014.4
Success: 10.5339/nmejre.2014.5
Failure: 10.1234/foobar

Success: ISSN: 1313-2652, Volume: 9, Start Page: 1
Success: ISSN: 1313-2652, Volume: 9, Author: Spangenberg
Success: ISSN: 1703-1958, Volume: 2014, Issue: 1 Start Page: 5
Failure: ISSN = 1234-5678, Volume = 77, Author = Arthur Dent
Start page:

Suggested search terms: Emirati Morocco Qatar


Export as WARC:

LAAWS implements the WASAPI Web service API for exporting content as WARC files. The content to be exported can be specified in the following ways:

  • By Archival Unit ID (LOCKSS internal name for content units). Some examples using publisher-specific AUIDs:
  • By a text search on the content:
    Suggested search terms: Emirati Morocco Qatar